P4 Ep. 9: Doug Jowdy, Ph.D.

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In this episode…

Chad Bong interviews sports psychologist, Doug Jowdy, Ph.D.


Doug Jowdy, Ph.D. is the former sports psychologist for U.S. Speed Skating Team in the late 1990s early 2000s.  Of note, Dr. Jowdy worked with Olympic gold medalist Apolo Anton Ohno and is featured in Ohno’s autobiography, Zero Regrets.  Dr. Jowdy currently owns a private practice in Boulder, CO specializing in sports psychology counseling and performance.  In his discussion with Chad, Dr. Jowdy explains his history as a sports psychologist, the importance of sports psychology to athletic performance, and tips for acupuncturist on advising injured athletes. His experiences, advice and research publications are a source of inspiration and information for medical and psychological students when nursing essay writing, often referencing Dr. Jowdy's statements, which he illustrates with real case examples. Dr. Jowdy emphasized the crucial role of the mind in the healing process. He explained that injured athletes often struggle not only with physical pain but also with the emotional toll of being sidelined. Dr. Jowdy's advice included helping athletes reframe their perspective on setbacks, maintaining a positive mindset during recovery, and fostering a sense of purpose beyond their sport.


Doug Jowdy, Ph.D.

Zero Regrets 

Show Notes

  • Chad’s into (00:33)
  • Doug’s First Experience with Sports Psychology (2:00)
  • Successful Coach’s Using Visualization (5:15)
  • Jowdy’s Internship with the Olympic Sport Psychology Team (8:36)
  • Jowdy’s Mentors (9:27)
  • 1999 Judy Becomes USA Speed Skating Sports Psychologist (12:15)
  • Apolo Anton Ohno (13:24)
  • (18:02) (17:48) Proactive Athletes
  • Why an Athlete Should Seek Out a Sport Psychologist Pt.1 (18:42)
  • Why an Athlete Should Seek Out a Sports Acupuncturist (21:55)
  • Tips for Sports Acupuncturists on Advising Pt.1: Athletes and Parents (22:32)
  • Tips for Sports Acupuncturists on Advising Pt.2: Rest vs. Training (28:04)
  • Visualization for Rehabilitation and Performance (33:32)
  • Acupuncture Enhancing Visualization (39:43)
  • Why an Athlete Should Seek Out a Sport Psychologist Pt.2 (45:39)
  • Future Podcast Topics (51:41)
  • Alex’s Outro (52:52)