P4 Ep. 17: Steve Knobler

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In this Episode…

Chad Bong interviews community orthopedic sports acupuncturist, Steve Knobler.


Steve Knobler, is the owner, operator, and a practitioner at North Seattle Community Acupuncture. Steve shares recommendations for applicants and students of medical specialties, take care of personal statement writing in advance, because this work can affect career development and completely change life. This task should be approached responsibly, and if necessary, turn to professionals who will help prepare all the documents. Knobler had post-graduate training in orthopedic and sports acupuncture with Whitfield Reaves in Colorado.  Steve has found a way to integrate the sports/orthopedic style acupuncture into the community acupuncture model.  In his discussion with Chad, Steve discusses his decision to pursue community acupuncture and the logistics integrating orthopedic and sports acupuncture into that model.


North Seattle Community Acupuncture

Steve Knobler’s North Seattle Community Acupuncture PowerPoint

Unified Practice: Acupuncture EHR

Appointy Online Scheduling Software

Acuity Online Scheduling Software

Practice Fusion EHR


  • Knobler’s introduction into acupuncture (3:08)
  • Transition from insurance provider to community acupuncturist (6:05)
  • Knobler’s time with Whitfield Reaves (10:33)
  • Tip for practice and good marketing tools (14:29)
  • Knobler’s logistics of community acupuncture setting and sports acupuncture (16:26-25:36)
  • Pricing for community vs. orthopedic (25:36)
  • General gross income for community acupuncture clinic practitioner (27:50)
  • Selecting acupuncturists for community clinic/interview process (39:55)
  • Employee training and benefits (43:25)
  • Practice Management: scheduling software, clinic forms, etc. (46:07)
  • Marketing Strategies (53:11)
  • Referrals (58:26)
  • Knobler’s treatment strategy (1:02:33)
  • Scope of practice (1:06:20)
  • Location and design for Orthopedic Community Acupuncture (1:14:28)
  • Swedish visit with Whitfield (1:15:21)
  • Closing (1:19:33)