P4 Ep. 8: Mark Takata


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In this episode…

Chad Bong interviews acupuncturist, Mark Takata


Mark Takata is the former acupuncturist and athletic trainer of the San Francisco 49ers (1986-1997).  In his discussion with Chad, Mark dicusses his time with the 49ers, tips on becoming an acupuncturist for a professional team, and new ancillary treatment strategies. During their conversation, Chad inquired about specific challenges athletes might face, prompting Mark to delve into nursing problem statement examples related to sports injuries and recovery. Mark highlighted the need for holistic approaches, citing instances where combining acupuncture with tailored exercises showed remarkable results.


 Mediations for Flute

Decoding the Human Body-Field

Nutra Energetic Systems Health

Show Notes

  • Mark Takata’s Start (2:20)
  • 1986 San Francisco 49ers (4:40)
  • Stanford Research on Acupuncture and Fascia (9:59)
  • Tips for Getting a Job with a Professional Team (13:34)
  • Takata wrestles a Defensive Lineman and Other Stories (17:30)
  • Tips for Getting a Job for a Professional Team Continued (25:24)
  • Challenges of Treating Professionals (27:43)
  • Treating on the Field and Pre-Game Treatments (32:03)
  • Pre-Game Treatment Strategies  (39:21)
  • Palpation and Ah Shi Trigger Point Therapy (41:10)
  • Nutra Energetic Systems (NES) (44:01)
  • Takata’s Acupuncture Treatment Strategy for Shoulder Injury (49:51)
  • Takata’s NES Treatment Strategy for Shoulder Injury (1:00:27)
  • Meditations for Flute (1:02:01)
  • Developing Mentorships (1:07:20)
  • Closing Remarks (1:10:57)