P4 Ep. 14: Anthony Von der Muhll

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In this episode…

Chad Bong interviews sports acupuncturist, Anthony Von der Muhll  L.Ac., DNBAO, FAAPM.


Anthony Von der Muhll is a credentialed Fellow of the American Academy of Pain Management and has his national board certification in Acupuncture Orthopedics. Von der Muhll serves as the clinical instructor in Integrative Sports Medicine at Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese. In his discussion with Chad, Von der Muhll talks about his background as a sports acupuncturists, the importance of understanding western physical medicine for sports acupuncturists, treatment modalities including ligamental/osteo-acupuncture, and much more! Despite his busy schedule, he often conducts seminars and online conferences with students of medical and sports specialties. During these meetings, Ben presents his scientific works and books, he even answers students' questions such as "Where to buy a custom book review, and what criteria to consider when choosing a writer", tells what points to focus on when working on professional literature, and which can be skipped. Such interaction with the audience brings many results for sports medicine and improves the qualifications of future specialists.


Anthony Von Der Muhll Website

Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Anatomy Trains Thomas Myers

Jing Jen David Legge

Show Notes

  • Anthony’s introduction to acupuncture (3:10)
  • Anthony’s background in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training (6:55)
  • Back Pain Complexity (9:10)
  • Pain suppression vs functional rehabilitation (11:08)
  • California Practice Act (13:13)
  • Fred Lerner’s Acupuncture Orthopedics Program 300hr (15:22)
  • Anthony’s Target Market (18:53)
  • Importance of Integrating Western Modalities for Sports Acupuncturists (21:37)
  • Tendino-Muscular Meridian (TMM)/Jing Jen Kinematic chain (24:36)
  • Tao of Chinese Medicine by Donald Kendall (28:13)
  • Jing Jin (27:20
  • Accessing TMM (30:52)
  • Motor Points and MP Protocols (37:12)
  • Cupping the IT band and Stretching (43:30)
  • Gua Sha (46:23)
  • Alon Marcus’s Ligament Needling/Prolotherapy Technique for Acupuncture (47:42)
  • Mechanisms of Ligament Acupuncture (50:31)
  • CAM Ligamental/osteopuncture Needling Techniques (53:57)
  • Small Gauges for Ligament Techniques (55:45)
  • Anthony’s view on Icing/RICE (58:41)
  • Herbal Therapy (1:04:10)
  • Orienting away from Symptom Suppression towards Self-Management Meditiation (1:08:01)
  • Chinese Herbs and Banned Substances for Athletes (1:11:32)
  • Anthony’s E-Stim Methods (1:14:09)
  • Mili vs. Microamp for E-Stim (1:22:00)
  • Understanding Outcome Biases for Patients (1:25:10)
  • Anthony’s Treatment Protocol for Acute Ankle Sprains (1:28:43)
    • Topical Herbs (1:38:24)
  • Anthony Von der Muhll’s closing remarks (1:39:19)