P4 Ep. 11: Eddy De Smedt


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In this episode…

Chad Bong interviews sports acupuncturist, Eddy De Smedt.


Eddy De Smedt is the sports acupuncturist for team Astana Pro Cycling.  De Smedt personally has treated the 2014 Tour de France champion, Vincenzo Nibali.  De Smedt’s home practice is in Aalst, Belgium.  In his discussion with Chad, Eddy talks about his start with team Astana Pro Cycling, common injuries for cyclists, and specific treatment protocols for athletes.


Eddy De Smedt Acupuncture

Video of Eddy De Smedt with Team Astana

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Show Notes

  • Eddy De Smedt’s Start in Sports Acupuncture (4:03)
  • De Smedt with team Astana (06:40)
  • Acupuncture for Pro Cycling Teams (7:38)
  • De Smedt’s Astana Pro Cycling acupuncture treatment routine (8:22)
  • Tactical Acupuncture During the Tour (9:55)
  • DeSmit’s Treatment Protocol (14:31)
  • Regulating HPA Axis (16:02)
  • De Smedt’s Two Treatment Protocols Specific Points (17:06)
    • Recovery/HPA Axis: LR 3, SP 6, ST 36, LI4, DU20, Thalamus point (halfway between DU24 and Yin Tang)
    • Standard Protocol (Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia): LU7/PC6, KD6, BL62 SI3/TW5, KD 3 BI L
  • Most Common Cycling Injuries (23:41)
  • Whit Reaves’ Korean Constitution M1 Type Cyclists (25:06)
  • De Smedt’s Knee Treatment Protocol (29:27)
  • E-Stim (31:35)
  • Insurance for Acupuncture in Belgium (34:40)
  • Dry Needling Debate (36:58)
  • Closing Remarks (40:08)
  • Alex Outro (40:30)