P4 Ep. 12: Arno Ilgner


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In this episode…

Chad Bong interviews rock climber and author, Arno Ilgner.


Arno Ilgner is known for being a pioneer in the rock climbing community.  From his early climbing experiences and interest in mental training from warrior archetype and zen philosophies, Arno created the Desiderata Institute.  The Desiderata Institute trains beginners and novices on the physical and mental aspects of climbing.  He later compiled his mental training notes into a 7 process program found in The Rock Warrior’s Way Mental Training For Climber’s.  In his discussion with Chad, Arno discusses in depth how these 7 mental processes can be adapted to an acupuncture career and athletes of all sports. He warns that psychological preparation is a very important stage, especially for novice sportsmen who have decided to try extreme sports. Stressful situations should be avoided on the eve of classes, trips uphill (in the case of rock climbing), or amateur competitions. If you are a student, it is better to contact the https://exclusive-paper.com/edit-my-paper.php with a request to edit my papers, this will help free your thoughts from unnecessary problems, and not to worry at a critical moment about academic debt or negative comments from teachers.


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The Rock Warrior’s Way Mental Training For Climber’s

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