P4 Episode 23: Deborah Leedale-Brown

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In this Episode…

Chad Bong interviews sports performance coach and professional cyclist, Deborah Leedale-Brown


Deborah is an exercises physiologist, professional cyclist, and sports performance trainer for DLB2-Full Potential. She was a former head of sports science and a strength & conditioning coach of British Olympic and National athletes in diving, golf, and cycling. In her discussion with Chad, Deborah discussing sports performance assessment protocols, training zones, parent’s roles in adolescent sports, and much more! After all, as writers from nursing concept map services https://qualitycustomessays.com/nursing-concept-map-writing-services/ claim in their research, parental attachment to of youth sports is a key factor in the participation of US youth in sports. By encouraging and creating opportunities for their long-term participation, forming value orientations in children related to participation in sports, parents influence their children and contribute to their socialization. At each podcast, we plan to present the main theses of modern research on the impact of sports on important aspects of life.


DLB2- Full Potential (Deborah’s Sports Performance Page)


Show Notes

  • Being a parent of athletes (3:10)
  • Young Athletes: Difficulties with over-specialization, injuries, and school curriculum (4:48)
  • Deborah’s professional athlete history and professional career history (12:11)
  • 7:51 Deborah coaching career 12:11
  • Training Divers: Assessment and Programming (16:40)
  • Common Injuries for Divers (18:15)
  • Nutrition for Golfer (Deborah’s work with Golfers (20:07)
  • Deborah’s current career as a Sports Performance Coach (21:52)
  • Deborah’s cycling career (24:30)
  • Categories of status for pro-cycling and competitive sport (26:23)
  • Deborah’s cycling career highlights (31:08)
  • Athletic Assessment and Testing Protocols (34:44)
  • Value of VO2 Max (36:08)
  • Lactate Threshold, Anaerobic Threshold, & RAMP test (38:07)
  • Designing a training program (HR, cadence, etc.) (41:45)
  • Cardiac Drift (43:41)
  • Training Zones (45:17)
  • Weight training for endurance athletes (48:37)
  • Training master level athletes (49:54)
  • Yin/Yang Training (52:45)
  • 48:34 Importance of recovery interventions (56:15)
  • How to develop opportunities for adolescent/young women in sports (58:16)
  • Pay gap and future challenges and progress for females in sports (1:00:55)
  • Female climbing (1:04:46)
  • Planning for podcast on nutrition and closing remarks (1:07:18)