P4 Ep. 22: John Howard

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In this Episode…

Chad Bong interviews Battlefield acupuncturist, John Howard


John Howard is the creator of Battlefield Acupuncture. Battlefield Acupuncture is an auricular acupuncture technique that has become famous for its immediate effects on pain reduction. Howard is both an acupuncturist and academic dedicated to the promotion of knowledge and has been awarded the dissemination of seminal works of Dr. Raphael Nogier and of Dr. René Bourdiol. In his discussion with Chad, Howard explains his introduction to auricular therapy and Battlefield Acupuncture, teaching seminars, transition into sports performance, and much more! We want as many people of all ages to benefit from the information from such interviews. Therefore, we emphasize that students who wish to buy analysis essay can benefit from Howard's extensive knowledge and experience as he uses critical thinking skills and research papers in his teaching seminars. His dedication to spreading knowledge extends beyond acupuncture, making him a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their essay writing skills.


Howard’s Website

Howard’s YouTube Page

Battlefield Acupuncture Seminars FB

Show Notes

00:32 Updates about the 2nd Annual Sports Acupuncture Alliance

1:53 Start of the Podcast

3:30 Howard’s introduction into acupuncture

6:47 How Howard got into “Battlefield Acupuncture”

8:50 Starting out as a Physician’s Assistant and using Western medicine language

9:58 Philadelphia and the history of acupuncture in the U.S. 18th century

18:15 Sports and doping

20:18 Early Acupuncture Career

21:43 Using various acupuncture modalities for treatments

23: Creating free media and tips for creating an acupuncture practice

26:27 Teaching style and getting acupuncturist comfortable with Auricular Therapy

29:18 Casual phone ring interruption

29:54 Howard’s Montana Veteran Clinical practice

32:10 Battlefield Protocol

34:15 Locating the auricular points

36:24 Test-Retest for efficacy

38:17 Acute vs. Chronic Pain and Local Tissue Response

40:30 Vagus Nerve

43:00(?) Importance of balancing specialization and novel integration for a practice

48:41 Transitioning from pain management to sports performance

53:11 Auricular effects on endurance training

55:40 Being cautious with performance enhancement treatments and athletes Pt. I

56:53 Whitfield Reaves early experimentation with auricular performance points

59:34 Being cautious with performance enhancement treatments and athletes Pt. II

1:00:53 Banned Substance list of Chinese Herbs

1:03:18 Can auricular change performance endocrinology? Is auricular acupuncture doping?

1:05:30 Where is the line between illegal and legal performance enhancement?

1:09:00(?) Being cautious with performance enhancement treatments and athletes cont. Pt. III

1:13:13 Howard’s word of caution

1:13:40 John Howard’s plugs