P4 Ep. 5: Karl Granroth


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In this episode…

Chad Bong Interviews International Biathlete, Karl Granroth


Karl Granroth is a former international biathlete.  Karl graduated with a masters in exercise science and is currently a physician’s assistant. Karl now competes in several endurance events.  In his talk with Chad, Granroth provides information on his career as a biathlete, endurance training tips, and supplement recommendations for endurance athletes. During their conversation, Karl Granroth also delved into the pros and cons for homework into endurance training routines. He highlighted how structured assignments can aid mental focus, but cautioned against overloading athletes. Sharing from his rich experience, Granroth emphasized the importance of balance for optimal performance.


Hammer Nutrition

Dr. Susan  Kleiner: Power Eating

Global DRO

Show Notes

  • Chad Intro (0:33)
  • Discussion Begins (3:53)
  • Karl’s Career (4:20)
  • Training while Parenting (5:48)
  • What is Biathalon? (8:30)
  • Team Bong and Granroth (11:43)
  • Creating a Biathlete (15:31)
  • Barnes Sisters (17:48)
  • Karl’s Racing Portfolio (21:51-27:55)
  • Bataan Death March Memorial Marathon (23:30)
  • Pikes Peak Ascent (26:50)
  • Why Endurance Events? (27:56)
  • Voyager Ultra/Marathon (28:36)
  • Death Races (30:18)
  • Fueling for Endurance: Concentrated Feeds (31:54)
  • Triathlete Nutrition (39:20)
  • Triathlon Swimming Woes (40:33)
  • Top Heath Supplements (46:13)
  • Top 7 Ergogenic Supplements (53:37-1:28:12)
  • Susan Kleiner: Power Eating (1:00:51)
  • Closing Remarks (1:28:14)
  • Alex Outro (1:29:03)