Choosing Censers and Body Crosses: A Guide to Spiritual Accessories

Censers - miniature icons worn on the body, as well as a body cross - constant companions of every Orthodox Christian. These things accompany you in moments of grief and joy, allow you to thank the Lord for His mercy or turn to Him for consolation and help in a difficult moment. Such accessories help to constantly feel under the protection of a higher power, to feel the pacification, peace and hope given by it.  To find the perfect censer or body cross that resonates with your faith and spiritual journey, explore a diverse range of options at

It is not surprising that such products are made of precious stones and metals - this is how believers express their sincere gratitude and reverence to these sacred symbols, pay them due respect. But you should not think that these are ordinary jewelry - it is enough to touch a consecrated icon or a painted cross once to feel the energy emanating from it. They can protect you from the tricks of envious people, temptations and temptations, give you new strength, strengthen your soul and body.

The need for spiritual support sooner or later prompts a person to think about acquiring Christian paraphernalia. A body icon or a crucifix can be given as a gift for a christening or birthday as a spiritual gift, and sometimes they are bought independently, after much thought. Here are some tips to help you choose.

Frankincense - what to be guided by when choosing?

When buying a body icon for permanent wear, remember that there are several universal images that depict Jesus Christ, the Trinity or the Virgin. They protect all Orthodox Christians equally.

You can also purchase an image of a saint who protects your line of business. For example, an amber censer with the face of George the Victorious is suitable for soldiers and professional soldiers, pregnant women are taken care of by St. Anastasia, about financiers, accountants and clerks - Apostle Matthew, veterinarians are helped by St. Kuzma and Demyan, to the miners - the great martyr Varvara, and to the hunters and fishermen - the apostles Peter and Andrew.

Sometimes incense is chosen by name, finding a righteous person with a name that matches yours in the church calendar. And sometimes they buy the image of the saint whose memory is honored on your birthday - he is your guardian angel.

In addition, when you are going to buy incense, you should just look at the entire range - sooner or later your eyes will stop at a product that will resonate in your heart with warmth, joy and peace. This means that this product is intended for you!

How to choose a cross?

Silver crosses intended for small children must have the inscription "Save and Preserve" engraved on the reverse side. It is also necessary to remember that Catholic and Orthodox crucifixes are somewhat different - among Western-style Christians, Jesus Christ is crucified with the help of three nails, while in Orthodox iconography he is held on the cross by four.

Traditionally, the cross is worn under clothes - it is also a body amulet, hidden from prying eyes. Therefore, when choosing a chain for it, try to find a long enough product.

Before buying a silver cross or incense stick, you should familiarize yourself with their meaning and symbolism, study the life of this or that saint, learn the prayers that are recited in front of a specific person. Only then such an acquisition will be soul-saving, instructive and useful, bringing you joy, success, understanding and inspiration!